Thursday, April 17, 2014

Real Estate Auction -vs- Traditional Sales

Real Estate Auction
Traditional Sales
You Compare and Decide



Auction with Webb Realty - Webb & Associates Traditional Listing or For Sale By Owner
You pick the date your property sells. Buyers decide when they want to make an offer.
You pick the closing date for your property. Buyer negotiates closing date or dates.
Carrying cost limited to an average of 30 days. Cost can go for an indefinite period of time until closing.
Buyers compete in a open competition. Buyers have absolutely no reason to compete.
Property auction is "where is as is". Buyers continue to negotiate with contingencies.
Auctioneer wants to sell your property. Agent wants to list your property or any property.
Auction delivers buyers within 30 to 45 days. During 2011 the average days on market for real estate was 225 days.
Auction reaches a local, regional, and national market. Agents work and deliver in a local market.
Live bidding on property with the possibility of web based national and global bidding. Contracts presented from individuals with other companies come through the agent.
Close 96% of all sales. Closing rates unknown and undisclosed.