Webb and Associates, Webb Realty

Webb & Associates and Webb Realty have been operating in the Midwest since the mid 1960’s. We are family owned and operated with an unparalleled data base and property expertise. We are not a franchise company. Each property is unique and we take pride in taking part with you in the sale of your property through proper marketing, due diligence, preparation, display, and auction either live or on line for competitive bidding until the highest price is obtained…

In addition to the auctioneer there are other key personnel that help develop a successful auction. They include individuals that set up the actual auction, bid spotters during an auction, cashiers, clerks, and assistants who take pride in their service to the company.

Regardless if your auction is live or on line daily operations are performed in a centrally located office. For the client’s convenience Webb & Associates also offers a state of the art mobile office and software. This allows auctions to be preformed at various locations around the country. We are not concerned about the quantity of auctions, but the quality of auctions.

Auctions are also social events where people attend to visit with old friends, find great deals, listen to the auction chant, make sound investments, and many walk away with new friends.