Friday, April 25, 2014


For the past two plus decades DavDave Webb & Governor Brownback at Legislative Auctione has assisted with the annual benefit auction for the Kansas State Legislature. The charity of choice is the Kansas Special Olympics. This event has become an institution for current and former legislators in addition to current and statewide elected office holders. This event garners enthusiastic support from all.
This year Gov. Sam brownback donated his personal motor cycle for the auction. Sam has perfected his auction skills and provides his services for benefits from time to time. An enjoyable time was had by all and generous funds continued to be collected for Special Olympics.

Dave Webb and the Board of Directors of the Kansas Auctioneers Association, with Kansas Governer, Mark Parkinson, April 20, 2010 signing the proclamation honoring auctioneers for National Auctioneers week, their work, and the money raised for St Judes hospital the NAA's charity of choiceTo the right is an image from Dave Webb's recent trip to the Capital. Chairman Dave Webb with members of the Kansas Auctioneers Board meeting with Governor Parkinson during National Auctioneers Week in April.


President Reagan Campaign


It was my honor to work in the Reagan campaign's in the 1980s they were a lot of work and a lot of fun. We believed in his vision of America. I had the opportunity to meet him on the campaign trail here in the Midwest, at a Presidential debate, later at a Landon Lecture, and also at the White House. He was one of those people who you meet in life and will never forget. A true man of conviction.
I was sent Inaugural tickets for his second inaugural, however there was no way I could ever go. I passed those tickets along to my Uncle who used them and attended the inaugural. In his life he had the honor of serving in both the Army and Navy, the inaugural was a true highlight for him. He passed away later that year and I was so glad I passed those tickets along. Regardless of your politics please take time to watch the attached video of some of his comments.