Friday, April 25, 2014

Benefit Auctions

Webb and Associates, Dave Webb, working at a benefit auction.Over the years Webb and Associates have been proud to have been involved with a wide range of benefit auctions.  We have had the pleasure to watch the "Field of Dreams"  happen all over again in the corn field up North as well as meeting the legendary Buck O'Neil.  We have been known to enjoy our  roll to the extent of putting on our cowboy boots and western wear for the Heartland Riding Academy and at the Olathe Medical Center Gala some of us put on our best poodle skirts and to make sure we looked the part, we added a ponytail and bubblegum!


Dave Webb of Webb and Associates has successfully assisted numerous charities and groups with benefit auctions from the planning stage through the auction, raising millions of dollars for numerous charities.


Dave is one of a very few auctioneers in the Midwest to have the designation of BAS (Benefit Auction Specialist) from the National Auctioneers Association. This designation is achieved after intensive education and continuing education from the National Auctioneers Association and the successful completion of numerous benefit auctions. With the addition of world champion auctioneer Kevin Borger. Webb & Associates will bring a level of professionalism to your charity that is unparalleled

If your group or charity is considering a benefit auction please contact Dave for his professional expertise, counsel, and auction services.


Below is a list of current benefit auctions that Webb and Associates is involved with.  If you have questions, please check back, or contact Dave or Kevin for additional questions.