Friday, April 18, 2014

Auctioneer Selection Criteria

Criteria for Selecting An Auctioneer

Real estate and personal property consumers would be wise to select an Auctioneer:

1: Who is a professional in their business.

2: Who is professional in appearance,
attitude, demeanor, and capability.

3: Whose company has a strong reputation for
service, ethical performance, quality staff,
and the available resources.

4: Who is a member of their respective
State and National professional associations.

5: Who takes part in the comprehensive
continuing education that is
available for the profession.

6: Who has expertise and knowledge of the
local, regional, national and
international markets.

7: Who will formulate a schedule for your
auction, with communication, and
attend to the details.

8: Who will prepare, and present a marketing
plan with market knowledge.

9: Who is skilled and accomplished in formulating
and implementing a effective schedule
for you auction.

10: Who has a reputation for caring, commitment,
and trustworthy service.