Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Auction Quiz

The Auction Quiz


Read the questions below, answer them from your personal point of view


1: I have a number in my head and I can’t let go of it.                           True    False


2: I don’t need to sell my property, but I am curious

     what it would bring at auction.                                                             True    False


3: I like advice and support, versus relying on myself.                          True    False


4: An auction sign on my property would embarrass me.                     True    False


5: Some information about my property is off limits.                              True    False


6: Current market value is better than setting a list price.                     True    False


7: Auction is a strategy; versus a distress signal.                                   True    False


8: I like productive change in my life.                                                       True    False


9: I know how much my property is costing me each month.              True    False



The following would happen if I sold my property at auction



A: My finances would improve.


B: I would have more time to do things that I like or wan to do.


C: I would have fewer responsibilities.


D: I would be able to relocate or purchase another property I wanted.


E: I could move on with my life.


F. It would or could erase old memories.


G: My family would be happier.


H: I would then be happier.


I: I would have some extra cash to buy other property or something else.


J: Nothing would get better anyway.






Auction Angst: If you answered True to question one and two and chose J, regardless of how you answered any other question, it would be difficult to sell your property at auction. I would suggest you not sell it now, or contact a traditional listing broker.


Thinking about an Auction; If you answered False to questions one, two, three, four, and five, and did not choose J, you are halfway there. Give us a call and we can discuss marketing and an auction of your property.


Auction Advocate: If you answered False to questions one to five, and True on six, seven, eight, and nine and did not choose J. You are an auction advocate. Click on the contact tab of our website.



Please look at other items on our website, find out our history, we would be happy to visit with you about an auction.