Sunday, April 20, 2014


Dave has been a private pilot for thirty-five  years. This business tool has proven to be very beneficial for the auction and appraisal business. However,the most rewarding part of flying is piloting for flights of people in need, or arranging for flights of people in need.Webb & Associates working the auction at the 2012 Legislative Breakfast

Dave's wife Wendy is the director of Blue Valley's Parents as teachers program. This is a program that works with children, birth through three years of age. In addition to her work for Blue Valley she is very active in the State and National Parents as Teachers Association. She also does numerous presentations for the State and National Association.

Additionally, Dave and his wife, Wendy, enjoy raising honey bees. The busy time is in the spring, summer and fall. The rewards of a successful harvest is the nectar of the area - poured over hot biscuits.The cake is one of Wendy's culinary perfection's of a bee hive honey lemon cake.
Dave also believes strongly in his community, as well as upholding the values that Kansas has become known for.  Recently Dave was proud to be part of The Pioneer Bluff Foundation's "Jazz in the Barn".  He was the commentator for "Prairie Talk - History of Auctioneering" along with Kevin Borger and Ray Sims.  The funds raised goes to support the Pioneer Bluff Foundation.  You can read more about the event here.  The image shown to your left is Dave with legendary auctioneer Ray Sims after the panel discussion on the history of auctioneering.